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San Francisco ~ Day 1 & 2

Day 1 & 2


Day 1 - Thurs. Sept. 4th

12:20pm Im in route from OKC to DEN right now!!! Everything has been going smoothly and has been great. The flight wasn’t overly full so we were able to have more room than usual which has been a really great plus. Sherri and I are sitting together with a seat between us, while Kelly and Kelly are in front of us with a seat between them. Weve had our peanuts and drinks and now just kickin back and relaxing. Ive been playing in my moleskine…sorta scraping the trip thus far… pasting peanut packages and napkins in my moleskine. :)
While looking through the “Spirit” magazine here on the plane I noticed that will we be in SF for the Ghiradelli chocolate festival on Sunday!!! So Im excited about that. Its gonna be awesome!!!!

We have less than an hour left on this flight and then in Denver we will have a 2 hour layover which will be perfect to grab something to eat, a few postcards and be on our way to San Fran!!!! I really cannot wait to get there. The girls are sooo excited. I cant wait to share my favorite city with them.. This is all for now… I will write more on the next flight should I get to recharge the battery on here during layover!!!

The layover in Denver went pretty fast. We ate lunch, took a bathroom break and I charged the laptop for a lil bit. Before we knew it we were boarding the plane again. This time its even less crowded than the last flight. In fact as I look back..over half the plane is empty. Its been great flights..the best Ive ever taken actually. Thank God too bc I always get nervous about them. Not the flying part bc I love that but the actual getting on the plane and finding a seat to sit in. But SW has improved their boarding procedure and now its really great I think. Good going SWA!!!

My sis is still playing my DS….the Brainage game, the other Kelly is reading and Sherri is napping. I just woke up from a lil nap… was a nice lil power one. Im rarin to go again now. We have about an hour and a half left before we arrive in SF…but the roomy flight makes for a nice one.

This is all for now…I will try and write more tonight after our adventures in SF for our first night. I also will be writing in my regular journal so hopefully I will be able to keep up with both.


We arrived in San Francisco....it was so hot I couldnt believe it. Ugh. We took the airtran to the bart where we took that to downtown SF. From there we grabbed the trolley to our hotel which dropped us off right across the street. The location of our hotel is really great..esp for the trolley. After dropping our things off we headed back to the trolley to go to Fishermans Wharf where we had dinner at Bubba Gumps. YUM and then back to the hotel to crash for the night. It was about 9 or 9:30 SF time..... which is 11:30 at home....and we had been up since about 6-7 our time...so we were pretty wiped out. As soon as I layed on the bed I was out.. lol Was a fun time though and I love seeing the girls reaction to the city....esp my sisters friend. lol She gets excited at every little thing. :)


Day 2: Sept. 5th

Today we woke up, showered, dressed and headed downstairs and across the street to Starbucks where we had a lil something to drink and eat before heading out on our busy day with my friend Liz - who is from here. We had a really great day with her that was filled with lots of things. We started out going to the Palace of Fine Arts, then on to the Golden gate Bridge, then Sausilito (like a small italy) where she bought us all lunch at a lil hole in wall place called The Seven Seas (I think). I had pizza along with my sisters friend, my sis and S had spaggetti and Liz had some Salmon. It was good... but mostly it was just fun to know where we were at having lunch...it was sorta surreal really. We then headed to the beach - which we found but wasnt able to get down to...but got some great pics from the top of the mountain.

After that we made a pitstop for something cold to drink and a bathroom. From there we headed to Golden gate park, which was soo packed we could not even find a parking spot so just had to leave. Then..... onto see the Painted Ladies...the famous houses from the show Full House. It was really cool too...and I do have tons of pics to share with you guys but my time here is limited bc I am at Borders and had to actually pay to use the internet.....C R A Z Y!!! But..its kinda fun.... San Francisco like. lol Anyways after that she dropped us back off at the hotel and we headed to find some dinner. Then all of us except S rode the trolley back down to fishermans wharf and then right back...just for fun. lol Now...we are at borders down the road from hotel.. like a block...reading books and Im on the net trying to catch up on the activities from the day. :)

Im getting a wee bit tired though now so about to head back to the hotel and shower and crawl in bed and sleep like a rock again. I will update more later if I can and will be adding pics if not in the next day or so then when I return home,

Total miles walked today: 5 1/2


When I finished my entry from this day....I headed up to the 3rd floor of Borders to look around while the girls were checking their mail and myspace ...and all of the sudden the bldg started to shake. It scared the mess out of me. I looked around at everyone...wondering...was that my imagination lol or what in the world just happened. Of course I figured it was an Earthquake...but it was sorta surreal. Ive never experienced one before. Freaked me out. lol No one seemed bother by it really. I guess they are used to it but I did hear one girl ask the lady that worked there if it was an earthquake and the lady said.....either that or a car just hit the bldg. lol

So I put down what I was looking at and went to get the girls...who also had that deer in the headlights look on their face. lol I was afraid of more....aftershocks. But there wasnt any that we felt anyways. We got back to the hotel and Sherri had been dozing off and thought wed come in and started shaking her bed. lol It was wild. We turned the news on when we got to the hotel and it was all over of course...said it was a 4.5. Not BIG but big enough to for sure be felt.

Soo now Ive been in a earthquake...and I DEF prefer our tornados in Oklahoma. At least we get a warning and can take cover. lol

We actually had several "odd" things happen to us this trip.

When we were out with Liz driving around the Golden gate trying to find parking....the traffic suddenly was backed up and when we got to what was going on.... a bum had been hit by a car and was laying in the middle of the road. He wasnt awake but we also did not see any blood. It was really sad. Lots of people were gathered around him. I hope he was okay.

Then also..on Day 4 when we were on our way to Ghiradelli..on the cable car....we were going up this big hill when all the sudden it started jerking us around more than usual and we heard the guy on his radio saying how the struts werent working. Well of course the first thing that comes to mind is the brakes. And as we looked back it was nothing but a huge drop of a street. So there was a bit of panic. So they decided to back the trolley up all the way to flat ground. Cars that were behind us were having to pull off to the side wherever they could to get out of the way. Finally we made it safely to ground level where he somehow put it in a higher gear or something and we went flying up the hill. lol I was a bit worried..but we made it. Thank God

THEN on our way to the airport when we left we were on the BART and it was doing allll kinds of crazy things. They had been having trouble that morning with them anyways we heard but it was weird. When we finally made it to the airport I noticed that when we all got off they put a thing up saying that it was not in service. lol What a crazy trip wed had. Ive never had any of that happen in all the times Id been there. lol So it was an adventure to say the least. :)

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