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Canada/New England Cruise Day 1




After spending the day around NYC we arrived at the Cruise Port early and boarded very quickly actually. It was a very smooth prcoess and before we even had a moment to get overly excited we were climbing the gangway to the beautiful Norwegian Dawn that awaited us.



Walking in we could not believe how beautiful and majestic it was. We knew instantly we were going to have a great time. :) We found our room on the 10th floor - #10605. It was a simple inside cabin but we loved it still. It was cozy and the beds were super duper comfy.

Inside Cabin

Inside Cabin

Inside Cabin

Inside Cabin

Inside Cabin Bathroom

Inside Cabin Bathroom

After dropping off our things we headed to the buffet for our first meal on board. We loved sitting and having our meals next to the windows looking out into the port we were in or the wide span of Ocean before us. After having some lunch we headed out to the pool deck and around for some photos of NYC from the ship while waiting for Bon Voyage.

We sat up on the top deck enjoying the views of NYC and then made our way down to one of the lower decks with our delicious drinks in hand to wave goodbye to NYC and get ready for the fun ahead.

We found a couple seats and enjoyed seeing the city from the ship as it passed between Manhatten and New Jersey. Soon we were passing by the Statue of Liberty and snapping pics like crazy! :) Then it was time for the fun to really begin!

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

They were having a HUGE BBQ on the pool deck. We were sad we had just waisted our appetite on the buffet upstairs but still managed to partake of a few bites of the delicious food they had prepared. YUM! Music was playing, people were dancing, some were swimming and enjoying the hot tub already. (Notice the average age group :) )

Cruise Day 1 - Bon Voyage

Cruise Day 1 - Bon Voyage

The rest of the evening was spent exploring the ship, taking photos and making our way around the differant shows that were starting. The adventure had begun!

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New York City


Sat. 9.25.10

Our flight left around 6:45ish headed from here in OKC to our first stop - Denver, Co. Frontier airlines was the airlines we took this time although I wished we would have done SWA simply bc it would've saved us money on luggage fees. The flight was fast to DEN thankfully and then we had a 3hr layover. We plenty of time to have a bite, starighten our hair and finish getting ready :). The flight to LGA in NYC went fairly fast for the long journey it was. The one perk of being on Frontier was that we had tvs in the back of the seats we were able to watch (after purchasing of course) but it made the time go quickly.

We landed in LGA around 4:30 NY time and after getting our luggage we waited for the shuttle bus to come and pick us up. Soon it arrived and off we went for it to drop us off at our hotels. Kelly and Kelly were staying @ Club Quarters in Rockefeller Center and Sherri and I were staying The Edison in Times Sq. Ours was fine for a night but Im glad we didnt book it for the return night after the cruise. It was nice enough in the lobby and the location couldnt be beat so we couldnt complain much. My sisters hotel had a tiny lobby but the rooms were nice. I wouldnt mind staying there next time and it was only a couple blocks to Times Sq.

After us all getting settled into our hotels we met in Times Sq and then decided to catch the subway to Chinatown. THAT was an experience now. We all got the biggest kick out of the women there. They would stand out on the sidewalks like customers and when you would walk by youd here them whisper.. Coach..Parada...Louis Vatton purse..wallet...and if you even gave a glance they were quickly showing you into their stores to a big trash bag full of goodies. Or they would pull out a pamplet of the styles for you to choose from and when you picked they would run to grab it from a store somewhere. There were also men who would whisper...rolex watches.. lol it was th greatest thing. I had read an article shortly before going on the trip about this happening but it was so funny I didnt think it could possibly be true. But let me tell you...IT WAS!!!! It was a great time though. Sherri and I stopped in the middle of shopping there to grab a tea and a smoothie from the Chinta Town McDonalds. lol We can now check that off our places to visit. :)

After here we headed back uptown to the Empire State Building. After getting off the subway we walked a lil bit to get there. We were starving by this time and decided to stop in at a place called KyoChon. It was a unusual chicken place but we were hungry and excited about trying something new.

We then headed to the ESB. It was late at this point - I think maybe 9pm. and not to mention cold and windy up at the top but it was really awesome to be standing up there in that famous spot. We took some photos for awhile and then headed back to the hotel...walking... I dont even know how far we walked but it seemed like a long ways. lol We finally made it back and literally pased out.


Day 2 - Sun. 9-26-10

We woke up early and Sherri and I headed out to go meet the girls at their hotel. After arriving there we stopped in next door at the Gourmet Coffee Bar for a quick breakfast. They made omlets and breakfast burritos to order right there. Then we met up with our Big Apple Greeter Caroline who was taking us to Ground Zero. We were going to take the subway but bc it was closed near the place we were going we ended up taking 2 taxis. OMG It was our first time in a NYC taxi and it nearly gave us all heart failure. lol They do NOT exagerate in the movies about those drivers. WOW... if you are not prayed up when you get in you WILL be when you step out. :)

We first stopped in St. Pauls Chapel across from Ground Zero where the firemen took refuge during 9/11. The building wasnt damaged at all. It was a miracle really. Inside there was a choir practicing which made the feeling inside there all teh more special. We walked around and captured a few photos before heading across the street to the Memorial museum. It showed some things from the bombing as well as the plans for the new towers that were being built.

Then across the street we headed to the actual place where it all took place and where the new first tower was being built. Caroline said people work around the clock on it 24-7. It was hard to believe considering it wasnt very far at all for having been worked on for 10 years but she said there were alot of problems in the deciding of the blue prints and such and that everyone had to agree and such. It was creepy feeling in one certain part of it. I actually had a bit of..whats the word.. sort of a strong magnetic/gravitational pull that made me a bit dizzy. The only time I have ever felt anything near that was in Santa Cruz CA in what they called as a "Mystery Spot". It was very very strange.

After here we parted ways and thanked Caroline for being so gracious as to take us around. Sherri and myself headed off to get our luggage and head to the cruise port while Kelly and Kelly hit some more cool places around the city before they headed home teh following day.

I hope that we can go back to NYC one day to see more. We were so rushed and there was just soo much more to see.

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San Francisco ~ Day 5



We started the day off going to the Ugg store. They are my moms fav shoes/boots so she wanted me to drop in the store and check out the prices and see if they had a broshure. Soo Sherri and I stopped in there and ended up buying us (plus my mom) these adorable Ugg boot keychains. Sooo cute. We stopped back in the hotel to drop the packages off and picked up my sis and we headed to starbucks for breakfast.

After eating we headed to the mall bc the inital plan was to take the BART to Embarcdero to catch our Alcatraz tour..but after looking at the map we realized it would be closer to take the cable car (trolley) and then walk there..it was on Pier 33. Soo we hung out at the mall for a bit waiting on the the other girl then jumped in the LONG trolley line to ride to Fishermans wharf and walk to pier 33. We were rushed bc wed waited soo long in the trolley line now. But we eventually made it there in time to use the potty and jump on our ferry.

Alcatraz was an experience. I wish that I would have enjoyed it more than I did... but it was so cold and it was the end of the week and we were all worn out and I really wasnt in the mood to go at this point..but it was cool still. Next time I will do it on the first day and see the whole island. There are great opportunities for photos here. I wish I would have taken more...cared more.

After nearly 4 hours there we finally headed back and then walked to Pier 39 where we had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and then finally back to the hotel where once again...we passed out. The earliest night of all I went to bed. The week had just drained me...I wanted to stay up late on our last night here but I just wasnt able to. lol

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San Francisco ~ Day 4


We started the day out taking the trolley to Hyde Street Pier *Ghiradelli*. Stopping in at Starbucks right off the trolley to get a "power breakfast"

Along the street to Ghiradelli they always have these great vendors selling their photographs, paintings, jewelry ect. We stopped and bought this necklaces made of wood with our names engraved on them. The little chinese guy engraved them right there as we waited. I love personalized gifts like this...esp from other places.

We then walked through the chocolate festival going on. U had to pay $10 I think it was to get 6 samples from any booths they had. I didnt do this although I should have...bc everything looked sooo good.

After here Sherri and I had lunch at In and Out Burger and then jumped on the double decker tour bus. We got a few pics from around the other side of the city but I dont have them uploaded just yet..besides they arent that great anyways.

After we finished that we met the girls back at the hotel and went to Left O'douls pub for a drink and taste of SF life. The girls had dinner there and when we left I stopped at Bellinis to grab a small pizza for my dinner. Yummy

This is when Sherri and I seen this homeless *im guessing* lady who had a MAXI PAD stuck across her forehead. It was the funniest thing. I could not help but double over with laughter. When I turned to take her pic she had taken it off and stuck it on a store window. lol Upon walking back past the spot to the hotel she had at this point also strewn TP alll over the sidewalk in front of the same store. Actually it was a art *painting* museum. lol It was wild.

Back to the hotel and then down to the hotel bar for a couple of drinks and to use the net to order our alcatraz tickets. Then... crashed for the evening, Another full day it had been.

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San Francisco ~ Day 3

Day 3


I woke up early of course again and sat in the chair by our huge picture window overlooking the city and wrote in my journal. The girls were all still sleeping so I decided that I would get out and go get some jamba juice down at the mall down the street....I believe its like 7 blocks.. lol but it was a nice morning so I decided to walk instead of the trolley. So I did that and had a brisk walk back...since part is uphill. I met the girls upstairs and then S and I headed across the street to Loris diner to get some breakfast while the other 2 still were getting ready. After breakfast we all headed to China town. OMG it was insane. I mean its usually a busy place but you could hardly walk bc there was a festival going on... Autumn moon. lol But it was just insane. I will post pics maybe in a bit if I have time. We ended up walking thru china town to the fishermans wharf....5 miles.. to eat at Francisco Crab House I believe it was. Incredbly nice restraunt for us sweaty tired girls. lol But it was fun. After resting there a bit we headed to pier 39 to look at the seals and go to a few stores there. Then headed back to the trolley...which had the longest line Ive ever had to wait for... omg we were soo exausted it wasnt even funny. lol We got back to the hotel to freshen up and then went across the street to Loris Diner (after walking around a bit trying to decide where to eat)...to have dinner which was really good. The service there is terrible there... but the food is pretty good. Got our bellys full and went back to the hotel to shower and upload our pics from the day and crash.

Total miles walked today - 8.5-9

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